Sitar Basic Lessons for Beginners

01 Dec

Sitar Basic Lessons for Beginners

The sitar is a complex instrument with many different parts. It takes time and patience to learn how to play it properly. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. Ratna Lahiri Academy is the best sitar learning platform in Dwarka, Delhi. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to create your beautiful melodies. Playing the sitar can be a relaxing and meditative experience, as well as a great way to connect with others who share your passion for Indian classical music.

Sitar is a beautiful instrument with a rich history and unique sounds. Learning to play the sitar can help you connect with your roots, learn about your culture, and appreciate the beauty of Indian classical music.

Ratna Lahiri Sitar Academy thinks that a student's progress depends on both individual and group learning. Students can learn the music and the culture surrounding it through group learning. All levels of students are welcome to participate in both private and group sessions. Our goal is to use Indian classical music to vibrate and carry on the rich musical heritage of South Asia. The Ratna Lahiri is a cultural haven where the traditional form is preserved and spread through the teaching of music's universal language.

"The World is one family" means a lot to me. When instructing, I don't distinguish between students at the beginning level and students with advanced musical skills. In Ratna Lahiri Sitar Academy Dwarka, Delhi anyone interested in learning Sitar at any level is warmly welcome. Ratna Lahiri Sitar Academy provides instructions in Sitar from qualified instructors. The organization's mission is to raise everyone's awareness of vanishing traditions, cultures, and the value of art, which is crucial for today's lifestyle.

One of the top institution for learning sitar is the Ratna Lahiri Academy in Dwarka. Our mission is to use the sitar's cultural heritage to improve the understanding, performance, and preservation of Indian classical music on a global scale. The Academy offers musical instruction from Ratna Lahiri who is an excellent Sitarist.

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